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Course is currently Closed

The course will remain closed today. There are a number of dangerous patches of ice covering low lying areas. If there is any change in conditions, further updates will be posted. Pro Shop and clubhouse open as normal. Thanks

17.12.2017 08:34

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ADAM, Bryan-2c-2.5c1
ADAM, GORDON19c19.0c3
Adam, Ian26c26.0c4
ADAM, William16c15.7c3
ADAMSON, Andrew19c18.7c3
AITCHISON, Craig  6c6.4c2
Aitken, Steven16c16.3c3
Allen, Ross15c14.9c3
Anderson, Bill  7c7.2c2
ANDERSON, Hugh12c11.6c2
ANDERSON, William Brian  1c0.9c1
ARMIT, John  9c9.4c2
ARMOUR, David  9c8.8c2
ARTHUR, Ronald16c16.4c3
ASHCROFT, Paul1414.43