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Course is currently Closed

After further inspection i have decided to close the course. There are large areas of ice around the course which are too unsafe for any of our membership to be out walking on. The 33mm of rainfall has fallen on top of the frozen ground. Thank you

16.12.2018 08:57

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ADAM, Bryan-3c-2.8c1
ADAM, GORDON20c20.0c3
Adam, Ian26c26.2c4
ADAM, William16c16.0c3
ADAMSON, Andrew19c19.1c3
AITCHISON, Craig  7c6.5c2
Aitken, Steven16c16.0c3
ALEXANDER, Ross13c12.5c3
Allen, Ross15c14.7c3
Allison, Andy15c15.1c3
Anderson, Bill  7c6.9c2
ANDERSON, Hugh11c11.2c2
ANDERSON, William Brian  1c0.9c1
ARMIT, John11c11.0c2
ARMOUR, David  9c9.1c2
ARTHUR, Ronald17c17.3c3
ASHCROFT, Paul1414.43