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Morning. Maintenance Week starts today. Greens will be aerated, rolled and watered. There will be a maximum of 1 temporary green throughout the day. Please give priority to greenstaff during these works. Thanks.

23.04.2019 08:21

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ADAM, Bryan-3c-2.6c1
Adam, Ian2626.24
ADAM, William16c16.0c3
ADAMSON, Andrew19c19.1c3
AITCHISON, Craig  76.52
Aitken, Steven16c16.1c3
Allen, Ross15c14.7c3
Allison, Andy15c15.1c3
Anderson, Billy  6c6.0c2
ANDERSON, Hugh11c11.1c2
ANDERSON, William Brian  10.91
ARMIT, John11c11.0c2
ARMOUR, David  9c9.1c2
ARTHUR, Ronald16c15.6c3
ASHCROFT, Paul1414.43